Flame resistant fabrics are made from materials that are inherently non-flammable. These materials have flame resistance built into their chemical structures. Fabrics made with these types of materials are designed to prevent the spread of fire and will not melt or drip when in close proximity to a flame. Because flame resistant fabrics are not usually made from 100% flame resistant materials, they will burn, but will do so very, very slowly and are often self-extinguishing.

NFPA 2112
MORA FR offers flame resistant protecticve garments that are certified by Underwriter Laboratories to meet the requirements of NFPA 2112 Standard on Flame Resistant Garments for protection of Industrial Personnel AgainstFlash Fire, 2012 Edition. UL has certified that MORA FR garments are compliant with NFPA 2112 after 100 industrial washes.

ASTM F1506

ASTM F1506,2010A standard performance specification for flame resistant and arc rated textile materials for wearing apparel for use by electrical workers exposed to momentary electric arc and related thermal hazards requires a sample of flame resistant fabric to self extinguish with a less than 2 second after flame and a less than 6 inch char length. The fr fabric must also pass these requirements after being washed or dry cleaned 25 times. MORA FR garments are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet the requirements of ASTM F1506,2010A.


The International Organization for Standardization is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies. EN 11612 ascertains the protective garments for use in welding and allied processes. MORA FR garments are compliant with EN 11612.

EN 1149-5

EN 1149-5 Standard is part of a series of standards for test methods and requirements for electrostatic properties of protective clothing.

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Suzhou Mora Clothing Manufacturing Co, Ltd. was established in 2006 and has been committed to the production of high-quality work clothes.Mora mainly makes Flame Resistant work wear like Flame Resistant shirt,pants,coverall,sweatshirt,jacket, T-shirt,bib overall,head gear and so on.
Our garment factory passed ISO9001 quality system certification.Our garment factory also has our own lab which we can test fabric before we make production.
We have many fabric NPFA2112 certification and clothing NFPA2112 certification.We have more than 10 years experiences on NFPA2112 products.
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